Approach Chart Tutorial - Approach Plate Basics

Approach Chart Tutorial - Approach Plate Basics. In this approach chart tutorial we review the approach plate basics. This is a great introduction into the approach plate and approach procedures and can also serve as a refresher if you have an IPC coming up. This is video number 7 in my IFR series and you can find the entire series in the playlist linked below: Another playlist you might be interested in is that of radio communications, might you want to get some extra information on that: Are you looking to be inspired to go fly, then check out some of my general aviation adventures: Thank you so much for watching! Say hi on social: Instagram: @nancy_bshaw Facebook: @NancyBshawloves2AV8 In need of a Biennial Flight Review / Instrument Proficiency Check and in South FL? Email: All videos on my channel are for entertainment and informational purposes only. I am not intending to flight instruct via this medium. Make sure you contact your local CFI or flight school for flight instruction. #groundschool #Studentpilot #flighttraining

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