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Airport Marking Aids and Signs

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Section 3. Airport Marking Aids and Signs 2-3-1. General a. Airport pavement markings and signs provide information that is useful to a pilot during takeoff, landing, and taxiing. b. Uniformity in airport markings and signs from one airport to another enhances safety and improves efficiency. Pilots are encouraged to work with the operators of the airports they use to achieve the marking and sign standards described in this section. c. Pilots who encounter ineffective, incorrect, or confusing markings or signs on an airport should make the operator of the airport aware of the problem. These situations may also be reported under the Aviation Safety Reporting Program as described in paragraph 7-6- 1, Aviation Safety Reporting Program. Pilots may also report these situations to the FAA regional airports division. d. The markings and signs described in this section of the AIM reflect the current FAA recommended standards. REFERENCE- AC 150/5340-1, Standards for Airport Markings. AC 150/5340-18, Standards for Airport Sign Systems. 2-3-2. Airport Pavement Markings a. General. For the purpose of this presentation the Airport Pavement Markings have been grouped into four areas:

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