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I. Preflight Preparation 11 Task I. Water and Seaplane Characteristics, Seaplane Bases, Maritime Rules, and Aids to Marine Navigation (ASES, AMES) References FAA-H-8083-2, FAA-H-8083-23; AIM; USCG Navigation Rules, International-Inland; POH/AFM; Chart Supplements Objective To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with water and seaplane characteristics, seaplane bases, maritime rules, and aids to marine navigation. Knowledge The applicant demonstrates understanding of: CA.I.I.K1 Characteristics of a water surface as affected by features, such as: CA.I.I.K1a a. Size and location CA.I.I.K1b b. Protected and unprotected areas CA.I.I.K1c c. Surface wind CA.I.I.K1d d. Direction and strength of water current CA.I.I.K1e e. Floating and partially submerged debris CA.I.I.K1f f. Sandbars, islands, and shoals CA.I.I.K1g g. Vessel traffic and wakes CA.I.I.K1h h. Other characteristics specific to the area CA.I.I.K2 Float and hull construction, and their effect on seaplane performance. CA.I.I.K3 Causes of porpoising and skipping, and the pilot action required to prevent or correct these occurrences. CA.I.I.K4 How to locate and identify seaplane bases on charts or in directories. CA.I.I.K5 Operating restrictions at various bases. CA.I.I.K6 Right-of-way, steering, and sailing rules pertinent to seaplane operation. CA.I.I.K7 Marine navigation aids, such as buoys, beacons, lights, and sound signals. Risk Management The applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks, encompassing: CA.I.I.R1 Local conditions. CA.I.I.R2 Impact of marine traffic. Skills The applicant demonstrates the ability to: CA.I.I.S1 Assess the water surface characteristics for the proposed flight. CA.I.I.S2 Identify restrictions at local seaplane bases. CA.I.I.S3 Identify marine navigation aids. CA.I.I.S4 Perform correct right-of-way, steering, and sailing operations.

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