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I. Preflight Preparation 5 Task C. Weather Information References 14 CFR part 91; FAA-H-8083-25; AC 00-6, AC 00-45, AC 00-54; AIM Objective To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with weather information for a flight under VFR. Knowledge The applicant demonstrates understanding of: CA.I.C.K1 Acceptable sources of weather data for flight planning purposes. CA.I.C.K2 Weather products required for preflight planning, current and forecast weather for departure, en route, and arrival phases of flight. CA.I.C.K3 Meteorology applicable to the departure, en route, alternate, and destination for flights conducted under VFR in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) to include expected climate and hazardous conditions, such as: Note: If K3 is selected, the evaluator must assess the applicant's knowledge of at least three of the following sub-elements. CA.I.C.K3a a. Atmospheric composition and stability CA.I.C.K3b b. Wind (e.g. crosswind, tailwind, wind shear, etc.) CA.I.C.K3c c. Temperature CA.I.C.K3d d. Moisture/precipitation CA.I.C.K3e e. Weather system formation, including air masses and fronts CA.I.C.K3f f. Clouds CA.I.C.K3g g. Turbulence CA.I.C.K3h h. Thunderstorms and microburst CA.I.C.K3i i. Icing and freezing level information CA.I.C.K3j j. Fog CA.I.C.K3k k. Frost CA.I.C.K4 Flight deck displays of digital weather and aeronautical information. Risk Management The applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks, encompassing: CA.I.C.R1 Factors involved in making a valid go/no-go decision, to include: CA.I.C.R1a a. Circumstances that would make diversion prudent CA.I.C.R1b b. Personal weather minimums CA.I.C.R2 Limitations of: CA.I.C.R2a a. Onboard weather equipment CA.I.C.R2b b. Aviation weather reports and forecasts CA.I.C.R2c c. Inflight weather resources Skills The applicant demonstrates the ability to: CA.I.C.S1 Use available aviation weather resources to obtain an adequate weather briefing. CA.I.C.S2 Correlate weather information to make a competent go/no-go decision.

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