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Private Pilot Written Test Questions 2008 Bank

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A) After attaining 100 hours of pilot-in-command time and a logbook endorsement. B) After receiving ground and flight instructions on cross-country training and a logbook endorsement. C) 12 calendar months after receiving his or her recreational pilot certificate and a logbook endorsement. 647. PLT448 PVT A recreational pilot may act as pilot in command of an aircraft that is certificated for a maximum of how many occupants? A) Four. B) Three. C) Two. 648. PLT163 PVT What minimum visibility and clearance from clouds are required for a recreational pilot in Class G airspace at 1,200 feet AGL or below during daylight hours? A) 1 mile visibility and clear of clouds. B) 3 miles visibility and clear of clouds. C) 3 miles visibility, 500 feet below the clouds. 649. PLT472 PVT While in level cruising flight in a helicopter, a pilot experiences low-frequency vibrations (100 to 400 cycles per minute). These vibrations are normally associated with the A) engine. B) cooling fan. C) main rotor. 650. PLT470 PVT Select the helicopter component that, if defective, would cause medium-frequency vibrations. A) Tail rotor. B) Main rotor. C) Engine. 651. PLT221 PVT Which is a correct general rule for pinnacle and ridgeline operations? A) Gaining altitude on takeoff is more important than gaining airspeed. B) The approach path to a ridgeline is usually perpendicular to the ridge. C) A climb to a pinnacle or ridgeline should be performed on the upwind side.

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