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Private Pilot Written Test Questions 2008 Bank

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A) Frost will disrupt the smooth flow of air over the wing, adversely affecting its lifting capability. B) Frost will change the camber of the wing, increasing its lifting capability. C) Frost will cause the airplane to become airborne with a higher angle of attack, decreasing the stall speed. 6. PLT242 PVT What force makes an airplane turn? A) The horizontal component of lift. B) The vertical component of lift. C) Centrifugal force. 7. PLT243 PVT In what flight condition is torque effect the greatest in a single-engine airplane? A) Low airspeed, high power, high angle of attack. B) Low airspeed, low power, low angle of attack. C) High airspeed, high power, high angle of attack. 8. PLT243 PVT The left turning tendency of an airplane caused by P-factor is the result of the A) clockwise rotation of the engine and the propeller turning the airplane counter-clockwise. B) propeller blade descending on the right, producing more thrust than the ascending blade on the left. C) gyroscopic forces applied to the rotating propeller blades acting 90° in advance of the point the force was applied. 9. PLT351 PVT What causes an airplane (except a T-tail) to pitch nosedown when power is reduced and controls are not adjusted? A) The CG shifts forward when thrust and drag are reduced. B) The downwash on the elevators from the propeller slipstream is reduced and elevator effectiveness is reduced. C) When thrust is reduced to less than weight, lift is also reduced and the wings can no longer support the weight. 10. PLT213 PVT What determines the longitudinal stability of an airplane? A) The location of the CG with respect to the center of lift. B) The effectiveness of the horizontal stabilizer, rudder, and rudder trim tab. C) The relationship of thrust and lift to weight and drag.

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