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Private Pilot Written Test Questions 2008 Bank

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03/13/2008 Bank: (Private Pilot) Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank The FAA computer-assisted testing system is supported by a series of supplement publications.These publications, available through several aviation publishers, include the graphics, legends, andmaps that are needed to successfully respond to certain test items. Use the following URL to download acomplete list of associated supplement books:http://www.faa.gov/education_research/testing/airmen/ test_questions/media/supplements.pdf 1. PLT309 PVT Which basic flight maneuver increases the load factor on an airplane as compared to straight-and- level flight? A) Climbs. B) Turns. C) Stalls. 2. PLT309 PVT (Refer to figure 2.) If an airplane weighs 2,300 pounds, what approximate weight would the airplane structure be required to support during a 60° banked turn while maintaining altitude? A) 2,300 pounds. B) 3,400 pounds. C) 4,600 pounds. 3. PLT168 PVT The term 'angle of attack' is defined as the angle A) between the wing chord line and the relative wind. B) between the airplane's climb angle and the horizon. C) formed by the longitudinal axis of the airplane and the chord line of the wing. 4. PLT242 PVT The four forces acting on an airplane in flight are A) lift, weight, thrust, and drag. B) lift, weight, gravity, and thrust. C) lift, gravity, power, and friction. 5. PLT134 PVT How will frost on the wings of an airplane affect takeoff performance?

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