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CSTL WTRS stands for coastal waters. This, like many of the abbreviations, can be understood if you try to pronounce it, which means you will add the missing vowels or some vowels that will probably help you to make sense of the words. FZ stands for freezing. It's usually used in conjunction with fog or precipitation, as in: FZDZ (freezing drizzle); FZFG (freezing fog); or FZRA (freezing rain). SH indicates showers. Like freezing, this is normally combined with other weather codes such as: SHRN (rain showers) or SHSN (snow showers). TS means thunderstorms. TS alone means thunder but no precipitation is falling at the weather station. TS alone will not be seen in an FA, only in reports of weather conditions. In forecasts, such as area forecasts, TS will be followed by other letters, including: TSRN (thunder with rain, or an ordinary thunderstorm); TSSN (thunder with snow); TSPE (thunder with ice pellets - sleet to you and me); TSGR (thunder with hail); TSRAGR (thunder with rain and hail); and TSRASN (thunder with rain and snow).

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