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Metar & TAF Weather Acronyms

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METAR and TAF Weather Reports Weather Identifiers: B - Began BC Patches BL Blowing BR Mist DR Low Drifting DS Dust storm DU Dust DZ Drizzle E - Ended FC, +FC Funnel Cloud, Well-Developed Funnel Cloud Tornado or Waterspout FG Fog FU Smoke FZ Freezing GR Hail (>5mm) GS Small Hail / Snow Pellets (<5mm) HZ Haze IC Ice Crystals MI Shallow PE Ice Pellets PO Well-Developed Dust/Sand Whirls PR Partial PY Spray RA Rain SA Sand SG Snow Grains SH Showers SN Snow SQ Squalls Moderate SS Sandstorm TS Thunderstorm UP Unknown Precipitation VA Volcanic Ash VC In the Vicinity Modifiers: - Light + Heavy P More than M Less than B Began E Ended Sky Conditions: BKN – Broken cloud layer 5/8ths to 7/8ths CB – Cumulonimbus CLR – Sky clear at or below 12,000AGL FEW – Few cloud layer 0/8ths to 2/8ths OVC – Overcast cloud layer 8/8ths coverage SCT – Scattered cloud layer 3/8ths to 4/8ths SKC – Sky Clear TCU – Towering Cumulus Other: A01 – Automated Observation without precipitation discrimination A02 – Automated Observation with precipitation discrimination A3000 – Altimeter setting 30.00" AMD – Amended forecast AUTO – without human editing BECMG – Becoming… BECMG 0002 = becoming 00 to 02 Zulu CAVU – Ceiling and visibility unlimited COR – Correction DSNT – Distant weather phenomenon FM – From… FM0200 = from 0200 Zulu FROPA – Frontal Passage LDG – Landing M – Minus, below zero, "less than" NO – Not available NSW – No significant weather P6SM – Plus 6 Statute Miles, greater than, "more than" PK WND – Peak Wind PRESFR/PRESRR – Pressure Falling or Rising Rapidly PROB40 – Probability of 40% R04 – Runway 4 RMK – Remarks RWY – Runway RVRNO – Runway Visual Range not available SFC VIS – Surface Visibility SLP – Sea Level Pressure, add 10 to numbers given SLPNO – Sea Level Pressure not available SM – Statute miles SPECI – Special Report TEMPO – Temporarily… TEMPO 0002 = Temporarily 00 to 02 Zulu T02560179 – Temperature 25.6 dew point 17.9 TWR VIS – Tower Visibility V – Varying VRB – Variable VRB VIS – Variable Visibility VV – Vertical Visibility, indefinite ceiling WS – Wind shear WSHFT - Wind shift

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