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Private Pilot Airplane Airmen Certification Standards 6/16

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When the evaluator issues a Notice of Disapproval, he or she shall list the Area of Operation in which the applicant did not meet the standard. The Notice of Disapproval must also list the Area(s) of Operation not tested, and the number of practical test failures. The evaluator or the applicant may end the test if the applicant fails a Task. The evaluator may continue the test only with the consent of the applicant, and the applicant is entitled to credit only those Areas of Operation and the associated Tasks satisfactorily performed. Though not required, the evaluator has discretion to reevaluate any Task, including those previously passed, during the retest. Typical areas of unsatisfactory performance and grounds for disqualification include: • Any action or lack of action by the applicant that requires corrective intervention by the evaluator to maintain safe flight. • Failure to use proper and effective visual scanning techniques to clear the area before and while performing maneuvers. • Consistently exceeding tolerances stated in the skill elements of the Task. • Failure to take prompt corrective action when tolerances are exceeded. • Failure to exercise risk management. Discontinuance When it is necessary to discontinue a practical test for reasons other than unsatisfactory performance (e.g., equipment failure, weather, illness), the evaluator must return all test paperwork to the applicant. The evaluator must prepare, sign, and issue a Letter of Discontinuance that lists those Areas of Operation the applicant successfully completed and the time period remaining to complete the test. The evaluator should advise the applicant to present the Letter of Discontinuance to the evaluator when the practical test resumes in order to receive credit for the items successfully completed. The Letter of Discontinuance becomes part of the applicant's certification file. [back] A-10

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