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Private Pilot Airplane Airmen Certification Standards 6/16

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Appendix 2: Knowledge Test Procedures and Tips Before starting the actual test, the testing center will provide an opportunity to practice navigating through the test. This practice or tutorial session may include sample questions to familiarize the applicant with the look and feel of the software. (e.g., selecting an answer, marking a question for later review, monitoring time remaining for the test, and other features of the testing software.) [back ] Acceptable Materials The applicant may use the following aids, reference materials, and test materials, as long as the material does not include actual test questions or answers: Acceptable Materials Unacceptable Materials Notes Supplement book provided by proctor Written materials that are handwritten, printed, or electronic Testing centers may provide calculators and/or deny the use of personal calculators All models of aviation-oriented calculators or small electronic calculators that perform only arithmetic functions Electronic calculators incorporating permanent or continuous type memory circuits without erasure capability Unit Member (proctor) may prohibit the use of your calculator if he or she is unable to determine the calculator's erasure capability Calculators with simple programmable memories, which allow addition to, subtraction from, or retrieval of one number from the memory; or simple functions, such as square root and percentages Magnetic Cards, magnetic tapes, modules, computer chips, or any other device upon which pre- written programs or information related to the test can be stored and retrieved Printouts of data must be surrendered at the completion of the test if the calculator incorporates this design feature Scales, straightedges, protractors, plotters, navigation computers, blank log sheets, holding pattern entry aids, and electronic or mechanical calculators that are directly related to the test Dictionaries Before, and upon completion of the test, while in the presence of the Unit Member, actuate the ON/OFF switch or RESET button, and perform any other function that ensures erasure of any data stored in memory circuits Manufacturer's permanently inscribed instructions on the front and back of such aids, e.g., formulas, conversions, regulations, signals, weather data, holding pattern diagrams, frequencies, weight and balance formulas, and air traffic control procedures Any booklet or manual containing instructions related to use of test aids Unit Member makes the final determination regarding aids, reference materials, and test materials [back] Test Tips When taking a knowledge test, please keep the following points in mind: • Carefully read the instructions provided with the test. • Answer each question in accordance with the latest regulations and guidance publications. • Read each question carefully before looking at the answer options. You should clearly understand the problem before trying to solve it. A-4

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