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Private Pilot Airplane Airmen Certification Standards 6/16

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Knowledge Test Blueprint PAR Knowledge Areas Required by 14 CFR section 61.65 to be on the Knowledge Test Percent of Questions Per Test I. Regulations 5 – 15% II. Accident Reporting 5 – 10% III. Performance Charts 5 – 10% IV. Radio Communications 5 – 10% V. Weather 5 – 10% VI. Safe and Efficient Operations 5 – 15% VII. Density Altitude Performance 5 – 10% VIII. Weight and Balance 5 – 10% IX. Aerodynamics., Powerplants and Aircraft Systems 5 – 10% X. Stalls and Spins 5 – 10% XI. Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) 5 – 10% XII. Preflight actions 5 – 10% Total Number of Questions 60 English Language Proficiency In accordance with the requirements of 14 CFR part 61 and the FAA Aviation English Language Proficiency standard, throughout the application and testing process the applicant must demonstrate the ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language. English language proficiency is required to communicate effectively with ATC, to comply with ATC instructions, and to ensure clear and effective crew communication and coordination. Normal restatement of questions as would be done for a native English speaker is permitted, and does not constitute grounds for disqualification. [back] Knowledge Test Requirements In order to take the Private Pilot knowledge test, you must provide proper identification. To verify your eligibility to take the test, you must also provide one of the following in accordance with the requirements of 14 CFR, part 61: • Section 61.35 lists the prerequisites for taking the knowledge test, to include the minimum age an applicant must be to sit for the test. Received an endorsement, if required by this part, from an authorized instructor certifying that the applicant accomplished the appropriate ground-training or a home-study course required by this part for the certificate or rating sought and is prepared for the knowledge test; Proper identification at the time of application that contains the applicant's— o (i) Photograph; o (ii) Signature; o (iii) Date of birth; o (iv) If the permanent mailing address is a post office box number, then the applicant must provide a government-issued residential address • Section 61.49 acceptable forms of retest authorization for all Private Pilot tests: An applicant retesting after failure is required to submit the applicable test report indicating failure, along with an endorsement from an authorized instructor who gave the applicant the required additional training. The endorsement must certify that the applicant is competent to pass the test. The test proctor must retain the original failed test report presented as authorization and attach it to the applicable sign-in/out log. A-2

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