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Private Pilot Airplane Airmen Certification Standards 6/16

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XII. Postflight Procedures Task 60BTask A. After Landing, Parking and Securing (ASEL, AMEL) References FAA-H-8083-2, FAA-H-8083-3; POH/AFM Objective To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with after landing, parking, and securing procedures. Knowledge The applicant demonstrates understanding of: PA.XII.A.K1 1. 1447BPositioning aircraft controls for wind. PA.XII.A.K2 2. 1448BFamiliarity with airport markings (including hold short lines), signs, and lights. PA.XII.A.K3 3. 1449BAircraft lighting. PA.XII.A.K4 4. 1450BTowered and non-towered airport operations. PA.XII.A.K5 5. 1451BVisual indicators for wind. PA.XII.A.K6 6. 1452BAirport information resources (Chart Supplements U.S., airport diagrams, and appropriate publications). PA.XII.A.K7 7. 1453BGood cockpit discipline during taxi. PA.XII.A.K8 8. 1454BAppropriate taxi speeds. PA.XII.A.K9 9. 1455BProcedures for appropriate cockpit activities during taxiing including taxi route planning, briefing the location of Hot Spots, and communicating and coordinating with ATC. PA.XII.A.K10 10. 1456BProcedures unique to night operations. PA.XII.A.K11 11. 1457BHazards of low visibility operations. PA.XII.A.K12 12. 1458BThe importance of documenting any in-flight/post-flight discrepancies. PA.XII.A.K13 13. 1459BNational Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident/incident reporting. Risk Management The applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks, encompassing: PA.XII.A.R1 1. 1460BDistractions during aircraft taxi and parking. PA.XII.A.R2 2. 1461BThe proximity of other aircraft, vehicles, and people when operating on airport surfaces. PA.XII.A.R3 3. 1462BSpinning propellers. PA.XII.A.R4 4. 1463BFailure to manage Tasks during taxi and parking. PA.XII.A.R5 5. 1464BConfirmation or expectation bias. PA.XII.A.R6 6. 1465BFailure to manage the automation. PA.XII.A.R7 7. 1466BAirport security. PA.XII.A.R8 8. 1467BFailure to maintain directional control after landing or during taxi Skills The applicant demonstrates the ability to: PA.XII.A.S1 1. 1468BMaintain directional control after touchdown while decelerating to an appropriate speed. PA.XII.A.S2 2. 1469BUtilize runway incursion avoidance procedures after landing. PA.XII.A.S3 3. 1470BPark in an appropriate area, considering the safety of nearby persons and property. PA.XII.A.S4 4. 1471BPlan the taxi route to the ramp. PA.XII.A.S5 5. 1472BFollow the appropriate procedure for engine shutdown. PA.XII.A.S6 6. 1473BComplete the after landing checklist after the airplane has stopped. PA.XII.A.S7 7. 1474BComplete the engine shutdown checklist. PA.XII.A.S8 8. 1475BDisembark passengers safely and remain aware of passenger movement while on the ramp area. PA.XII.A.S9 9. 1476BRecord aircraft discrepancies and notes for possible service needs before the next flight. PA.XII.A.S10 10. 1477BConduct an appropriate post flight inspection and secure the aircraft. 76

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