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Private Pilot Airplane Airmen Certification Standards 6/16

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VIII. Basic Instrument Maneuvers Note: If the applicant holds an instrument-airplane rating, he or she only needs to demonstrate Task PA.VIII.E. Applies only to AMEL, AMES. Task 42BTask A. Straight-and-Level Flight References FAA-H-8083-2, FAA-H-8083-3, FAA-H-8083-15 Objective To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with attitude instrument flying during straight-and-level flight. Knowledge The applicant demonstrates understanding of: PA.VIII.A.K1 1. 1105BFlight instrument function and operation. PA.VIII.A.K2 2. 1106BFlight instrument sensitivity, limitations, and potential errors in unusual attitudes. PA.VIII.A.K3 3. 1107BFlight instrument correlation (pitch instruments/bank instruments). PA.VIII.A.K4 4. 1108BAerodynamic factors related to maintaining straight-and-level flight. PA.VIII.A.K5 5. 1109BVestibular illusions (leans) and spatial disorientation. PA.VIII.A.K6 6. 1110BAppropriate pitch, bank, and power settings for the airplane being flown. Risk Management The applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks, encompassing: PA.VIII.A.R1 1. 1111BLack of proficiency in flight by reference to instruments. PA.VIII.A.R2 2. 1112BPoor cockpit management. PA.VIII.A.R3 3. 1113BLack of awareness of the direction for the nearest VMC. PA.VIII.A.R4 4. 1114BContinued flight into IMC or conditions outside of personal minimums. PA.VIII.A.R5 5. 1115BLoss of situational awareness during low visibility or instrument conditions. PA.VIII.A.R6 6. 1116BThe hazards of abrupt control movements when flying by sole reference to instruments. Skills The applicant demonstrates the ability to: PA.VIII.A.S1 1. 1117BControl the aircraft solely by reference to instruments in straight-and-level flight. PA.VIII.A.S2 2. 1118BPerform an instrument scan and instrument cross-check. PA.VIII.A.S3 3. 1119BPerform coordinated, smooth control application to correct for altitude, heading, airspeed, and bank deviations during straight-and-level flight. PA.VIII.A.S4 4. 1120BMaintain altitude ±200 feet, heading ±20° and airspeed ±10 knots or as recommended by aircraft manufacturer to a safe maneuvering altitude. 58

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