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Human Performance Visual Illusions Awareness

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Page 15 of 15 Human Performance Visual Illusions Awareness Flight Operations Briefing Notes IX • • • • X • − Regulatory References ICAO – Preparation of an Operations Manual (Doc 9376). FAR 91.175 – Takeoff and landing under IFR – Paragraph (b), Loss of visual references. JAR-OPS 1 – Subpart E – All Weather Operations - 1.1430 – Aerodrome Operating Minima. JAR-OPS 1 – Subpart E – All Weather Operations - 1.435 - Terminology. Additional Reading Material FAA brochure on Spatial Disorientation : " Seeing is not Believing ", available from: http://www.cami.jccbi.gov/aam-400A/Brochures/SpatialD.htm This Flight Operations Briefing Note (FOBN) has been adapted from the corresponding ALAR Briefing Note developed by Airbus in the frame of the Approach-and-Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR) international task force led by the Flight Safety Foundation. This FOBN is part of a set of Flight Operations Briefing Notes that provide an overview of the applicable standards, flying techniques and best practices, operational and human factors, suggested company prevention strategies and personal lines-of-defense related to major threats and hazards to flight operations safety. This FOBN is intended to enhance the reader's flight safety awareness but it shall not supersede the applicable regulations and the Airbus or airline's operational documentation; should any deviation appear between this FOBN and the Airbus or airline's AFM / (M)MEL / FCOM / QRH / FCTM, the latter shall prevail at all times. In the interest of aviation safety, this FOBN may be reproduced in whole or in part - in all media - or translated; any use of this FOBN shall not modify its contents or alter an excerpt from its original context. Any commercial use is strictly excluded. All uses shall credit Airbus and the Flight Safety Foundation. Airbus shall have no liability or responsibility for the use of this FOBN, the correctness of the duplication, adaptation or translation and for the updating and revision of any duplicated version. Airbus Customer Services Flight Operations Support and Services 1 Rond Point Maurice Bellonte - 31707 BLAGNAC CEDEX France FOBN Reference : FLT_OPS – HUM_PER – SEQ 11 – REV 02 – SEP. 2005

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