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168. How can you tell quickly by looking at the sectional which airports have control towers? Airports with control towers are colored Blue. 169. What are the numbers in Class C airspace that look like big fractions 50/25? These numbers identify the Tops and the Bottom (floor) of the Class C airspace in that specific sector/area. 170. What kind of airspace does the segmented magenta circle represent as shown on the sectional chart at the Downtown Island Airport (DKX)? Class E airspace – starts at the surface. 171. Can you purchase gas at the Lumpkin County Airport (9A0)? NO – the absence of tick marks around the magenta airport symbol indicates that no services are available. 172. What is the blue line between 2 VOR's? Victor Airway 173. What kind of airspace is a victor airway? What is the width of the airway? Class E airspace starting at 1200' AGL – 8NM wide 174. What is identified on the sectional when 2 intersecting airways have arrows pointing towards the VOR? Can you use another close VOR to determine the intersection? It is an intersection identified by the two VOR's – NO, the arrows point to the VOR's you must use. 175. Just south of KTYS is a large number 84 printed on the sectional? What does this mean? 84 degrees of longitude 176. What is the white band at the bottom of the northern part of the Atlanta sectional chart? It identifies the start of the Atlanta Terminal Control Chart that would join this chart. 177. What kind of airspace is around the Blairsville (DZJ) airport? Alert Area A-685 – Surface to 700' AGL - Extensive Low Altitude Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft Training Operations. This information is found on the upper flap of the sectional or by tapping anywhere within the airspace boundary using ForeFlight. 178. What is the magenta shading around airport for? This shading identifies airports that have a published instrument approach procedure. The magenta shaded area is the "transition" area where Class E airspace is lowered to 700" AGL around the airport. This is done so that IFR traffic can stay in positive control down to 700'AGL. 179. What are the small gray lines on the sectional chart for? Military Training Routes 180. What kind of airspace is Snowbird MOA? Do we need to worry about this? Military Operation Area – Look it up on the sectional chart and you will see that it is airspace from 11,000' MSL to 17,999' MSL. NO, we do not need to worry about this as long as we stay below 11,000' MSL.

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