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25 FAA-S-8081-6D Examiner's Practical Test Checklist Flight Instructor – Airplane (Single-Engine) Applicant's Name: ___________________________________ Examiner's Name: ___________________________________ Date: ________________ Type Check: ______________ Type Airplane: ______________________________________ Area of Operation: I. FUNDAMENTALS OF INSTRUCTING A. Human Behavior and Effective Communication B. The Learning Process C. The Teaching Process D. Assessment and Critique E. Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism F. Techniques of Flight Instruction G. Risk Management II. TECHNICAL SUBJECT AREAS A. Aeromedical Factors B. Runway Incursion Avoidance C. Visual Scanning and Collision Avoidance D. Principles of Flight E. Airplane Flight Controls F. Airplane Weight and Balance G. Navigation and Flight Planning H. Night Operations I. High Altitude Operations J. 14 CFR and Publications K. National Airspace System L. Navigation Systems and Radar Services M. Logbook Entries and Certificate Endorsements N. Water and Seaplane Characteristics O. Seaplane Bases, Rules, and Aids to Marine Navigation III. PREFLIGHT PREPARATION A. Certificates and Documents B. Weather Information C. Operation of Systems D. Performance and Limitations

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