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FAA-S-8081-6D 16 Applicant's Use of Checklists Throughout the practical test, the instructor applicant is evaluated on the use and teaching of an appropriate checklist. Proper use is dependent on the specific Task being evaluated. The situation may be such that the use of the checklist, while accomplishing elements of an Objective, would be either unsafe or impractical, especially in a single-pilot operation. In this case, a review of the checklist after the elements have been accomplished would be appropriate. Use of Distractions during Practical Tests Numerous studies indicate that many accidents and runway incursions have occurred when the pilot has been distracted during taxi operations and critical phases of flight. To evaluate the applicant's ability to utilize proper control technique while dividing attention both inside and outside the cockpit, the examiner must cause realistic distractions during ground operations and use the flight portion of the practical test to evaluate the applicant's ability to divide attention while maintaining safe operation while on the ground and in flight. Positive Exchange of Flight Controls During flight training, there must always be a clear understanding between students and flight instructors of who has control of the aircraft. Prior to flight, a briefing should be conducted that includes the procedure for the exchange of flight controls. A positive three- step process in the exchange of flight controls between pilots is a proven procedure and one that is strongly recommended. When the instructor wishes the student to take control of the aircraft, he or she will say, "You have the flight controls." The student will acknowledge immediately by saying, "I have the flight controls." The flight instructor will again say, "You have the flight controls." When control is returned to the instructor, the same procedure will be followed. A visual check is recommended to verify that the exchange has occurred. There should never be any doubt as to who is flying the aircraft. The instructor applicant is expected to teach proper positive exchange of flight controls during the practical test. Initial Flight Instructor Certification An applicant who seeks initial flight instructor certification will be evaluated in all Areas of Operation of the standards appropriate to the rating(s) sought. The examiner must refer to the Note in the front of the Area of Operation to determine which Tasks to test.

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