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FAA-S-8081-6D 14 6. Ability to demonstrate the procedures and maneuvers selected by the examiner to at least the Commercial Pilot skill level while giving effective instruction; 7. Competence in teaching the procedures and maneuvers selected by the examiner; 8. Competence in describing, recognizing, analyzing, and correcting common errors simulated by the examiner; and 9. Knowledge of the development and effective use of a course of training, a syllabus, and a lesson plan. Unsatisfactory Performance If, in the judgment of the examiner, the applicant does not meet the standards of performance on any of the Tasks performed, the applicable Area of Operation is considered unsatisfactory and therefore, the practical test is failed. The examiner or applicant may discontinue the test at any time when the failure of an Area of Operation makes the applicant ineligible for the certificate or rating sought. The test is continued only with the consent of the applicant. If the test is discontinued, the applicant is entitled credit for only those Areas of Operation and their associated Tasks satisfactorily performed; however, during the retest and at the discretion of the examiner, any Task may be reevaluated, including those previously considered satisfactory. Specific reasons for disqualification are: 1. Failure to perform a procedure or maneuver to the Commercial Pilot skill level while giving effective flight instruction; 2. Failure to provide an effective instructional explanation while demonstrating a procedure or maneuver (explanation during the demonstration must be clear, concise, technically accurate, and complete with no prompting from the examiner); 3. Any action or lack of action by the applicant which requires corrective intervention by the examiner to maintain safe flight; 4. Failure to use proper and effective visual scanning techniques to clear the area before and while performing maneuvers. When a Disapproval Notice is issued, the examiner must record the applicant's unsatisfactory performance in terms of Areas of Operation and specific Tasks not meeting the standard appropriate to the practical test conducted. If the applicant fails the practical test because of a special emphasis area, the Notice of Disapproval must indicate the associated Task. An example would be: "Area of Operation IX: Maneuvering during Slow Flight, failure to teach proper collision avoidance procedures."

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