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11 FAA-S-8081-6D Changes 2 (11/21/2012), 4 (1/15/2015), & 6 (4/19/2018) 3. Be capable of performing all appropriate Tasks for the flight instructor rating sought and have no operating limitations, which prohibit the performance of those Tasks. 4. There is no requirement to supply a single-engine complex airplane for the instructor practical test. An applicant may supply a single-engine complex airplane, if desired. Flight Instructor Responsibility An appropriately rated flight instructor is responsible for training the flight instructor applicant to acceptable standards in all subject matter areas, procedures, and maneuvers included in the Tasks within each Area of Operation in the appropriate flight instructor practical test standard. Because of the impact of their teaching activities in developing safe, proficient pilots, flight instructors should exhibit a high level of knowledge, skill, and the ability to impart that knowledge and skill to students. The flight instructor must certify that the applicant is: 1. Able to make a practical application of the fundamentals of instructing;

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