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Purpose of the Assessment To measure the applicant's resource management and judgment skills during the Instrument Pilot practical test Directions for Completion of the Assessment 1) For each Area of Operation in the Instrument PTS, the applicant can take either an unacceptable or acceptable course of action for the task being evaluated. The examiner should judge use of resource management for each of the resource management areas. 2) For each Area of Operation, mark the column for the course of action that best describes the applicant's decision during that phase of the evaluation. In order to pass, all decisions made by the applicant must be acceptable. Definitions of Resource Management Areas Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)—a systematic approach to the mental process of evaluating a given set of circumstances and determining the best course of action. Risk Management (RM)—an aeronautical decision-making process designed to systematically identify hazards, assess the degree of risk, and determine the best course of action. Task Management (TM)—the process pilots use to manage the many concurrent tasks involved in safely operating an aircraft. Automation Management (AM)—the demonstrated ability to control and navigate an aircraft by correctly managing its automated systems. It includes understanding whether and when to use automated systems, including, but not limited, to the GPS or the autopilot. Controlled Flight Into Terrain Awareness (CFIT)—the demonstrated awareness of relation to obstacles and terrain. Situational Awareness (SA)—the use of the resource management elements listed above to develop and maintain an accurate perception and understanding of all factors and conditions related to pilot, aircraft, environment, and external pressures that affect safety before, during, and after the flight. Reference: FAA-H-8083-9A (Appendix E-1) FAA-S-8081-9D A3-2

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