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FAA-S-8081-6D 6 FDC Flight Data Center Change 1 (9/20/2012) FSDO Flight Standards District Office G Glider GPO Government Printing Office GPS Global Positioning System IA Instrument Airplane IH Instrument Helicopter LAHSO Land and Hold Short Operations MEL Minimum Equipment List M MO Maximum Operating Limit Speed NAVAID Navigation Aid NDB Non Directional Beacon NOTAM Notice to Airmen NTSB National Transportation Safety Board NWS National Weather Service PC Proficiency Check PTS Practical Test Standard RG Rotorcraft Gyroplane RH Rotorcraft Helicopter RM Risk Management SA Situational Awareness SIGMETS Significant Meteorological Advisory SUA Special Use Airspace TFR Temporary Flight Restriction TM Task Management VFR Visual Flight Rules VHF Very High Frequency VOR Very High Frequency Omnirange V MC Minimum Control Speed with the Critical Engine Inoperative V MO Maximum Operating Limit Speed (Knots) V SSE Safe Single-Engine Speed V X Best Angle of Climb V Y Best Rate of Climb V YSE Single-Engine Best Rate of Climb Use of the Practical Test Standards Book The Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards are designed to evaluate competency in both knowledge and skill. The FAA requires that all Flight Instructor practical tests be conducted in accordance with the appropriate Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards and the policies set forth in the Introduction. The flight instructor applicant must be prepared to demonstrate the ability to instruct effectively in all Tasks included in

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