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5 FAA-S-8081-6D of knowledge and/or skill unless otherwise noted. The Objectives of Tasks in certain Areas of Operation, such as Fundamentals of Instructing and Technical Subjects, include only knowledge elements. Objectives of Tasks in Areas of Operation that include elements of skill, as well as knowledge, also include common errors, which the applicant must be able to describe, recognize, analyze, and correct. The Objective of a Task that involves pilot skill consists of four parts. The four parts include determination that the applicant exhibits: 1. Instructional knowledge of the elements of a Task (accomplished through descriptions, explanations, and simulated instruction). 2. Instructional knowledge of common errors related to a Task, including their recognition, analysis, and correction. 3. The ability to demonstrate and simultaneously explain the key elements of a Task at the Commercial Pilot skill level 2 . 4. The ability to analyze and correct common errors related to a Task. Abbreviations 14 CFR Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations AC Advisory Circular ADM Aeronautical Decision Making AGL Above Ground Level AIRMETS Airman's Meteorological Information AM Automation Management AME Airplane Multiengine AMEL Airplane Multiengine Land AMES Airplane Multiengine Sea ASEL Airplane Singe-Engine Land ASES Airplane Single-Engine Sea ATC Air Traffic Control ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service CFIT Controlled Flight into Terrain CRM Crew Resource Management DME Distance Measuring Equipment FAA Federal Aviation Administration 2 The teaching techniques and procedures should conform to those set forth in FAA-H-8083-25, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge; FAA-H-8083-9, Aviation Instructor's Handbook; FAA-H-8083-3, Airplane Flying Handbook; and FAA-H-8083-15, Instrument Flying Handbook.

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