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FAA-S-8081-6D 2 test standards is mandatory for the evaluation of flight instructor applicants. Flight Instructor Practical Test Book Description This book contains the practical test standards for Flight Instructor— Airplane (single-engine and multiengine). Other flight instructor practical test books include: • FAA-S-8081-7, Flight Instructor—Rotorcraft – Helicopter and Gyroplane • FAA-S-8081-8, Flight Instructor—Glider • FAA-S-8081-9, Flight Instructor—Instrument – Airplane and Helicopter The Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards include the Areas of Operation and Tasks for the issuance of an initial flight instructor certificate, for the addition of category and/or class ratings to that certificate, and for renewal or reinstatement of a certificate or rating by a practical test. Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards Description Areas of Operation are phases of the practical test. In this practical test book, the first Area of Operation is Fundamentals of Instructing; the last is Postflight Procedures. The examiner may conduct the practical test in any sequence that will result in a complete and efficient test; however, the ground portion of the practical test must be completed prior to the flight portion. Tasks are titles of knowledge areas, flight procedures, or maneuvers appropriate to an Area of Operation. The abbreviation(s) within parentheses immediately following a Task refer to the category and/or class aircraft appropriate to that Task. The meaning of each abbreviation is as follows: ASEL Airplane—Single-Engine Land AMEL Airplane—Multiengine Land ASES Airplane—Single-Engine Sea AMES Airplane—Multiengine Sea Note: When administering a test based on sections 1 and 2 of this PTS, the Tasks appropriate to the class airplane (ASEL, ASES, AMEL, or AMES) used for the test must be included in the plan of action. The absence of a class indicates the Task is for all classes. Note is used to emphasize special considerations required in the Area of Operation or Task.

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