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155 FAA-S-8081-6D i. positive airplane control. j. how to obtain assistance from the appropriate facility. 2. Exhibits instructional knowledge of common errors related to engine failure after lift-off by describing: a. failure to follow prescribed emergency checklist. b. failure to properly identify and verify the inoperative engine. c. failure to properly adjust engine controls and reduce drag. d. failure to maintain directional control. e. failure to establish and maintain a pitch attitude that will result in best engine inoperative airspeed, considering the height of obstructions. f. failure to establish and maintain proper bank for best performance. 3. Demonstrates and simultaneously explains a simulated engine failure after lift-off from an instructional standpoint. 4. Analyzes and corrects simulated common errors related to engine failure after lift-off. Task D: Approach and Landing with an Inoperative Engine (AMEL and AMES) References: FAA-H-8083-3, FAA-S-8081-12, FAA-S-ACS-6; POH/AFM. Objective: To determine that the applicant: 1. Exhibits instructional knowledge of the elements related to an approach and landing with an inoperative engine by describing: a. use of the prescribed emergency checklist to verify accomplishment of procedures for securing the inoperative engine. b. proper adjustment of engine controls, reduction of drag, and identification and verification of the inoperative engine. c. how to establish and maintain best engine inoperative airspeed. d. trim procedure. e. how to establish and maintain a bank as required for best performance. f. the monitoring and adjusting of the operating engine. g. proper approach to selected touchdown area, at the recommended airspeed.

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