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FAA-S-8081-6D 140 IX. Performance Maneuvers Task A: Steep Turns (AMEL and AMES) References: FAA-H-8083-3, FAA-S-8081-12, FAA-S-ACS-6; POH/AFM. Objective: To determine that the applicant: 1. Exhibits instructional knowledge of the elements of steep turns by describing: a. relationship of bank angle, load factor, and stalling speed. b. overbanking tendency. c. torque effect in right and left turns. d. selection of a suitable altitude. e. orientation, division of attention, and planning. f. entry and rollout procedure. g. coordination of flight and power controls. h. altitude, bank, and power control during the turn. i. proper recovery to straight-and-level flight. 2. Exhibits instructional knowledge of common errors related to steep turns by describing: a. improper pitch, bank, and power coordination during entry and rollout. b. uncoordinated use of flight controls. c. improper procedure in correcting altitude deviations. d. loss of orientation. 3. Demonstrates and simultaneously explains steep turns from an instructional standpoint. 4. Analyzes and corrects simulated common errors related to steep turns.

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