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119 FAA-S-8081-6D V. Preflight Procedures Note: The examiner must select at least one Task. Task A: Preflight Inspection (AMEL and AMES) References: AC 61-84; FAA-H-8083-3, FAA-H-8083-23, FAA-S-8081-12, FAA-S-ACS-6; POH/AFM. Objective: To determine that the applicant: 1. Exhibits instructional knowledge of the elements of a preflight inspection, as applicable to the airplane used for the practical test, by describing: a. reasons for the preflight inspection, items that should be inspected, and how defects are detected. b. importance of using the appropriate checklist. c. how to determine fuel and oil quantity and contamination. d. detection of fuel, oil, and hydraulic leaks. e. inspection of the oxygen system, including supply and proper operation (if applicable). f. inspection of the flight controls and water rudder (if applicable). g. detection of visible structural damage. h. removal of tie-downs, control locks, and wheel chocks. i. removal of ice and frost. j. importance of the proper loading and securing of baggage, cargo, and equipment. k. use of sound judgment in determining whether the airplane is in an airworthy condition for safe flight. 2. Exhibits instructional knowledge of common errors related to a preflight inspection by describing: a. failure to use or the improper use of checklist. b. hazards which may result from allowing distractions to interrupt a visual inspection. c. inability to recognize discrepancies to determine airworthiness. d. failure to assure servicing with the proper fuel and oil. e. failure to ensure proper loading and securing of baggage, cargo, and equipment. 3. Demonstrates and simultaneously explains a preflight inspection from an instructional standpoint. Task B: Cockpit Management (AMEL and AMES)

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