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10 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, and Navigator Exams PLT337 Recall pitot-static system - components / operating principles / characteristics PLT338 Recall pneumatic system - operation PLT340 Recall positive exchange of flight controls PLT341 Recall power settling - characteristics PLT342 Recall powerplant - controlling engine temperature PLT343 Recall powerplant - operating principles / operational characteristics / inspecting PLT344 Recall precipitation - types / characteristics PLT345 Recall pressure altitude PLT346 Recall primary / secondary flight controls - types / purpose / functionality / operation PLT347 Recall principles of flight - critical engine PLT348 Recall principles of flight - turns PLT349 Recall procedures for confined areas PLT350 Recall propeller operations - constant / variable speed PLT351 Recall propeller system - types / components / operating principles / characteristics PLT352 Recall purpose / operation of a stabilizer PLT353 Recall Radar Summary Chart PLT354 Recall radio - GPS / RNAV / RAIM PLT355 Recall radio - HSI PLT356 Recall radio - ILS / compass locator PLT357 Recall radio - ILS PLT358 Recall radio - LOC / ILS PLT359 Deleted PLT360 Deleted PLT361 Deleted PLT362 Deleted PLT363 Recall radio - VOR / VOT PLT364 Recall radio system - license requirements / frequencies PLT365 Recall reciprocating engine - components / operating principles / characteristics PLT366 Recall regulations - accident / incident reporting and preserving wreckage PLT367 Recall regulations - additional equipment/operating requirements large transport aircraft PLT368 Recall regulations - admission to flight deck PLT369 Recall regulations - aerobatic flight requirements PLT370 Recall regulations - Air Traffic Control authorization / clearances PLT371 Recall regulations - Aircraft Category / Class PLT372 Recall regulations - aircraft inspection / records / expiration PLT373 Recall regulations - aircraft operating limitations PLT374 Recall regulations - aircraft owner / operator responsibilities PLT375 Recall regulations - aircraft return to service PLT376 Recall regulations - airspace, other, special use / TFRS PLT377 Recall regulations - airworthiness certificates / requirements / responsibilities

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