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8 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, and Navigator Exams PLT253 Recall fuel system - components / operating principles / characteristics / leaks PLT254 Recall fuel tank - components / operating principles / characteristics PLT255 Recall fueling procedures - safety / grounding / calculating volume PLT256 Recall glider performance - effect of loading PLT257 Recall glider performance - speed / distance / ballast / lift / drag PLT258 Recall ground reference maneuvers - ground track diagram PLT259 Recall ground resonance - conditions to occur PLT260 Recall gyroplane - aerodynamics / rotor systems PLT261 Recall hail - characteristics / hazards PLT262 Recall helicopter hazards - dynamic rollover / Low G / LTE PLT263 Recall hazardous weather - fog / icing / turbulence / visibility restriction PLT264 Recall helicopter approach - settling with power PLT265 Recall helicopter takeoff / landing - ground resonance action required PLT266 Recall high lift devices - characteristics / functions PLT267 Recall hot air balloon - weight-off procedure PLT268 Recall hovering - aircraft performance / tendencies PLT269 Recall human behavior - defense mechanism PLT270 Recall human behavior - social / self-fulfillment / physical PLT271 Recall human factors (ADM) - judgment PLT272 Recall human factors - stress management PLT273 Recall hydraulic systems - components / operating principles / characteristics PLT274 Recall icing - formation / characteristics PLT275 Recall ILS - indications / HSI PLT276 Recall ILS - indications / OBS / CDI PLT277 Recall ILS - marker beacon / indicator lights / codes PLT278 Recall indicating systems - airspeed / angle of attack / attitude / heading / manifold pressure / synchro / EGT PLT279 Recall Inertial/Doppler Navigation System principles / regulations / requirements / limitations PLT280 Recall inflight illusions - causes / sources PLT281 Recall information in a Chart Supplements U.S. PLT282 Recall information in the certificate holder`s manual PLT283 Recall information on a Constant Pressure Analysis Chart PLT284 Recall information on a Forecast Winds and Temperatures Aloft (FB) PLT285 Recall information on a Height Velocity Diagram PLT286 Recall information on a Significant Weather Prognostic Chart PLT287 Recall information on a Surface Analysis Chart PLT288 Recall information on a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) PLT289 Recall information on a Weather Depiction Chart PLT290 Recall information on AIRMETS / SIGMETS PLT291 Recall information on an Aviation Area Forecast (FA) (DELETED 6/12/2017) PLT292 Recall information on an Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) PLT293 Recall information on an Instrument Departure Procedure Chart PLT294 Recall information on Inflight Aviation Weather Advisories

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