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6 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, and Navigator Exams PLT171 Recall ATC - reporting PLT172 Recall ATC - system / services PLT173 Recall atmospheric conditions - measurements / pressure / stability PLT174 Recall autopilot / yaw damper - components / operating principles / characteristics / failure modes PLT175 Recall autorotation PLT176 Recall balance tab - purpose / operation PLT177 Recall balloon - flight operations PLT178 Recall balloon - flight operations / gas PLT179 Recall balloon - ground weight-off / static equilibrium / load PLT180 Recall balloon gas/hot air - lift / false lift / characteristics PLT181 Recall balloon - hot air / physics PLT182 Recall balloon - inspecting the fabric PLT183 Recall balloon flight operations - ascent / descent PLT184 Recall balloon flight operations - launch / landing PLT185 Recall basic instrument flying - fundamental skills PLT186 Recall basic instrument flying - pitch instruments PLT187 Recall basic instrument flying - turn coordinator / turn and slip indicator PLT188 Recall cabin atmosphere control PLT189 Recall carburetor - effects of carburetor heat / heat control PLT190 Recall carburetor ice - factors affecting / causing PLT191 Recall carburetors - types / components / operating principles / characteristics PLT192 Recall clouds - types / formation / resulting weather PLT193 Recall cockpit voice recorder (CVR) - operating principles / characteristics / testing PLT194 Recall collision avoidance - scanning techniques PLT195 Recall collision avoidance - TCAS PLT196 Recall communications - ATIS broadcasts PLT197 Recall Coriolis effect PLT198 Recall course / heading - effects of wind PLT199 Recall cyclic control pressure - characteristics PLT200 Recall dead reckoning - calculations / charts PLT201 Recall departure procedures - ODP / SID PLT202 Recall DME - characteristics / accuracy / indications / Arc PLT203 Recall earth`s atmosphere - layers / characteristics / solar energy PLT204 Recall effective communication - basic elements PLT205 Recall effects of alcohol on the body PLT206 Recall effects of temperature - density altitude / icing PLT207 Recall electrical system - components / operating principles / characteristics / static bonding and shielding PLT208 Recall emergency conditions / procedures PLT209 Deleted PLT210 Recall engine shutdown - normal / abnormal / emergency / precautions PLT211 Recall evaluation testing characteristics

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