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5 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, and Navigator Exams PLT130 Recall aircraft performance - fuel PLT131 Recall aircraft performance - ground effect PLT132 Recall aircraft performance - instrument markings / airspeed / definitions / indications PLT133 Recall aircraft performance - normal climb / descent rates PLT134 Recall aircraft performance - takeoff PLT135 Recall aircraft pressurization - system / operation PLT136 Recall aircraft systems - anti-icing / deicing PLT137 Recall aircraft systems - environmental control PLT138 Recall aircraft landing gear/tires - types / characteristics PLT139 Recall aircraft warning systems - stall / fire / retractable gear / terrain awareness PLT140 Recall airport operations - LAHSO PLT141 Recall airport operations - markings / signs / lighting PLT142 Recall airport operations - noise avoidance routes PLT143 Recall airport operations - rescue / fire fighting vehicles and types of agents PLT144 Recall airport operations - runway conditions PLT145 Recall airport operations - runway lighting PLT146 Recall airport operations - traffic pattern procedures / communication procedures PLT147 Recall airport operations - visual glide path indicators PLT148 Recall airport operations lighting - MALS / ALSF / RCLS / TDZL PLT149 Recall airport preflight / taxi operations - procedures PLT150 Recall airport traffic patterns - entry procedures PLT151 Recall airship - buoyancy PLT152 Recall airship - flight characteristics / controllability PLT153 Recall airship - flight operations PLT154 Recall airship - ground weight-off / static / trim condition PLT155 Recall airship - maintaining pressure PLT156 Recall airship - maximum headway / flight at equilibrium PLT157 Recall airship - pressure height / dampers / position PLT158 Recall airship - pressure height / manometers PLT159 Recall airship - pressure height / super heat / valving gas PLT160 Recall airship - stability / control / positive superheat PLT161 Recall airspace classes - limits / requirements / restrictions / airspeeds / equipment PLT162 Recall airspace requirements - operations PLT163 Recall airspace requirements - visibility / cloud clearance PLT164 Recall airspeed - effects during a turn PLT165 Recall altimeter - effect of temperature changes PLT166 Recall altimeter - settings / setting procedures PLT167 Recall altimeters - characteristics / accuracy PLT168 Recall angle of attack - characteristics / forces / principles PLT169 Recall antitorque system - components / functions PLT170 Recall approach / landing / taxiing techniques

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