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4 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, and Navigator Exams PLT087 Interpret readings on an Aircraft Course and DME Indicator PLT088 Interpret speed indicator readings PLT089 Interpret Takeoff Speeds Chart PLT090 Interpret VOR - charts / indications / CDI / NAV PLT091 Interpret VOR / CDI - illustrations / indications / procedures PLT092 Interpret weight and balance - diagram PLT093 Recall administration of medical oxygen PLT094 Recall aerodynamics - airfoil design / pressure distribution / effects of altitude PLT095 Recall aerodynamics - longitudinal axis / lateral axis PLT096 Recall aeromedical factors - effects of altitude PLT097 Recall aeromedical factors - effects of carbon monoxide poisoning PLT098 Recall aeromedical factors - fitness for flight PLT099 Recall aeromedical factors - scanning procedures PLT100 Recall aeronautical charts - IFR En Route Low Altitude PLT101 Recall aeronautical charts - pilotage PLT102 Recall aeronautical charts - terminal procedures PLT103 Recall Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) - hazardous attitudes PLT104 Recall Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) - human factors / CRM PLT105 Recall airborne radar / thunderstorm detection equipment - use / limitations PLT106 Recall aircraft air-cycle machine PLT107 Recall aircraft alternator / generator system PLT108 Recall aircraft anti-icing / deicing - methods / fluids PLT109 Recall aircraft batteries - capacity / charging / types / storage / rating / precautions PLT110 Recall aircraft brake system PLT111 Recall aircraft circuitry - series / parallel PLT112 Recall aircraft controls - proper use / techniques PLT113 Recall aircraft design - categories / limitation factors PLT114 Recall aircraft design - construction / function PLT115 Recall aircraft engine - detonation/backfiring/after firing, cause/characteristics PLT116 Recall aircraft general knowledge / publications / AIM / navigational aids PLT117 Recall aircraft heated windshields PLT118 Recall aircraft instruments - gyroscopic PLT119 Recall aircraft lighting - anti-collision / landing / navigation PLT120 Recall aircraft limitations - turbulent air penetration PLT121 Recall aircraft loading - computations PLT122 Recall aircraft operations - checklist usage PLT123 Recall aircraft performance - airspeed PLT124 Recall aircraft performance - atmospheric effects PLT125 Recall aircraft performance - climb / descent PLT126 Recall aircraft performance - cold weather operations PLT127 Recall aircraft performance - density altitude PLT128 Recall aircraft performance - effects of icing PLT129 Recall aircraft performance - effects of runway slope / slope landing

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