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19 AMG093 Recall starter / ignition system - components / operating principles / characteristics AMG094 Recall starter system - starting procedures AMG095 Recall turbine engines - components / operational characteristics / associated instruments AMG096 Recall turbine engines - install / inspect / repair / service / hazards AMG097 Recall type certificate data sheet (TCDS) / supplemental type certificate (STC) AMG098 Recall welding types / techniques / equipment AMG099 Recall work / power / force / motion AMG100 Recall mathematics – extract roots / radicals / scientific notation AMG101 Recall positive / negative algebraic operations – addition / subtraction / multiplication / division AMG102 Recall aircraft electrical circuit diagrams – read / interpret / troubleshoot AMG103 Define maintenance resource management AMG104 Recall human reliability in maintenance errors AMG105 Recall environmental factors leading to maintenance errors AMG106 Recall fatigue in maintenance errors causes / interventions AMG107 Recall error management AMG108 Recall maintenance resource management AMG109 Recall error management in shift turnover AMG110 Recall error capture / duplicate inspection AMG111 Recall ergonomic interventions to maintenance errors AMG112 Recall interventions to prevent cross-connection maintenance errors AMG113 Recall interventions to prevent shift / task turnover errors AMG115 Recall environmental factors affecting maintenance performance – lighting / temperature / noise / air quality AMG116 Recall error intervention – interruptions / access

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