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17 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Aviation Mechanic - General Exams AMG001 Ability to draw / sketch repairs / alterations AMG002 Calculate center of gravity AMG003 Calculate weight and balance AMG004 Determine correct data AMG005 Determine regulatory requirement. AMG006 Interpret drag ratio from charts AMG007 Recall aerodynamic fundamentals AMG008 Recall air density AMG009 Recall aircraft cleaning - materials / techniques AMG010 Recall aircraft component markings AMG011 Recall aircraft control cables - install / inspect / repair / service AMG012 Recall aircraft corrosion - principles / control / prevention AMG013 Recall aircraft drawings - detail / assembly AMG014 Recall aircraft drawings / blueprints - lines / symbols / sketching AMG015 Recall aircraft electrical system - install / inspect / repair / service AMG016 Recall aircraft engines - performance charts AMG017 Recall aircraft hardware - bolts / nuts / fasteners / fittings / valves AMG018 Recall aircraft instruments - tachometer indications / dual tachometers AMG019 Recall aircraft metals - inspect / test / repair / identify / heat treat AMG020 Recall aircraft metals - types / tools / fasteners AMG021 Recall aircraft publications - aircraft listings AMG022 Recall aircraft records - required / destroyed AMG023 Recall aircraft repair - major AMG024 Recall airframe - inspections AMG025 Recall airworthiness certificates - validity / requirements AMG026 Recall ATA codes AMG027 Recall basic physics - matter / energy / gas AMG028 Recall data - approved AMG029 Recall dissymmetry AMG030 Recall effects of frost / snow on airfoils AMG031 Recall electrical system - components / operating principles / characteristics / symbols AMG032 Recall environmental factors affecting maintenance performance AMG033 Recall external loading AMG034 Recall flight characteristics - autorotation / compressibility AMG035 Recall flight operations - air taxi AMG036 Recall fluid lines - install / inspect / repair / service AMG037 Recall fluid lines - material / coding AMG038 Recall forces acting on aircraft - angle of incidence AMG039 Recall forces acting on aircraft - yaw / adverse yaw AMG040 Recall fuel - types / characteristics / contamination / fueling / defueling / dumping AMG041 Recall fundamental inspection principles - airframe / engine AMG042 Recall fundamental material properties AMG043 Recall generator system - components / operating principles / characteristics AMG044 Recall geometry

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