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2 LEARNING STATEMENT CODES and LEARNING STATEMENTS for Pilot, Remote Pilot, Instructor, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, and Navigator Exams PLT001 Calculate a course intercept PLT002 Calculate aircraft performance – airspeed PLT003 Calculate aircraft performance - center of gravity PLT004 Calculate aircraft performance - climb / descent / maneuvering PLT005 Calculate aircraft performance - density altitude PLT006 Calculate aircraft performance – glide PLT007 Calculate aircraft performance – IAS PLT008 Calculate aircraft performance – landing PLT009 Calculate aircraft performance - turbine temperatures (MGT, EGT, ITT, T4, etc) / torque / horsepower PLT010 Calculate aircraft performance - STAB TRIM PLT011 Calculate aircraft performance – takeoff PLT012 Calculate aircraft performance - time/speed/distance/course/fuel/wind PLT013 Calculate crosswind / headwind components PLT014 Calculate distance / bearing to a station PLT015 Calculate flight performance / planning – range PLT016 Calculate fuel - dump time / weight / volume / quantity / consumption PLT017 Calculate L/D ratio PLT018 Calculate load factor / stall speed / velocity / angle of attack PLT019 Calculate pressure altitude PLT020 Calculate turbulent air penetration PLT021 Calculate weight and balance PLT022 Define Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) PLT023 Define altitude - absolute / true / indicated / density / pressure PLT024 Define atmospheric adiabatic process PLT025 Define Bernoulli`s principle PLT026 Define ceiling PLT027 Define coning PLT028 Define crewmember PLT029 Define critical phase of flight PLT030 Define false lift PLT031 Define isobars / associated winds PLT032 Define MACH speed regimes PLT033 Define MEA / MOCA / MRA PLT034 Define stopway / clearway PLT035 Define Vne / Vno PLT036 Interpret a MACH meter reading PLT037 Interpret a Radar Weather Report / National Convective Weather Forecast PLT038 Interpret aircraft Power Schedule Chart PLT039 Interpret airport landing indicator PLT040 Interpret airspace classes - charts / diagrams PLT041 Interpret altimeter - readings / settings PLT042 Interpret Constant Pressure charts / Isotachs Chart PLT043 Interpret Analysis Heights / Temperature Chart

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